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In NextGEN 3DTech, we use Vacuum casting process to produce Small qty/Pilot Batch production and help our customers to launch their products at a faster pace in the market. Vacuum casting is gravity-based pouring Process performed in a vacuumized chamber with -0.9bar pressure using Silicon mould. We take special care to take care of the product needs of our customers. One such activity is placing the metal insert in the Silicon mould.

“Innovative solutions to move your business forward.”

new products, as prototypes for new products will become significantly less expensive and less risky to fabricate. Yet product development and the competitive environment are just two of the potential implications.

In the Image-1, A projection equal to ID of the metal insert is used to position the metal insert properly in the silicone mould which ensures the proper positioning of the insert In the image-2, we can witness the metal insert is properly submerged with the Plastic part.

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