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Stereolithography (SLA) is an additive manufacturing process that can be used for aesthetic testing and production of highly detailed parts with a smooth finish. SLA is used to make prototypes which require high finesse as the process builds up one layer at a time by tracing a UV laser beam on the surface of photo-curable liquid resin. The build platform moves so that the surface of the platform is immersed one layer-thickness below the photopolymer resin surface. With each subsequent layer, a fresh layer of photopolymer resin flows across the part for the next sequence. Once the part is complete, it is placed in a photo curing oven where it's exposed to UV light for curing to take place. The curing makes intricate detailing and a smooth finish easy to achieve.

Why work with us:

  • Bed Size : 600*600*450
  • Leadtime : 2 days + courier time

Aesthetic Prototypes

SLA 3D Printing can be used for quick Design Realisation & Validation for Aesthetic Prototypes. We manufacture the parts in 3D Printing and do post processing like Sanding, Painting.etc

Accurate parts for Design Validation

Industrial SLA 3D Printing Machines can produce accurate parts as low as 30microns. We have produced watch components which needs lowest tolerances with 3D surfaces

Different Material options

We can manufacture Prototypes in different Materials in 3D Printing. We can do SLA 3D Printing in ABS equivalent material, Transparent Material, Flexible Rubber, Castable wax Material, Dental, High Temp & Tough Materials.

3D Printed Toolings

We have done multiple projects in 3D Printed toolings like Jigs & Fixtures, Locators, Bending fixtures, Inspection Fixtures..etc

Larger Print size for Quick parts

Larger Print bed can help customers with reduced leadtime for quicker Design Validation and bigger parts manufacturing easily.

Different Industry usages

SLA 3D Printing widely used in varied industries Automotive, Engineering, Medical Devices, Electronics, IoT, Manufacturing..etc

About Us

NextGen3DTech is a bootstrapped company founded by 2 Seasoned Professionals Senthil Kumar and Prasanna in 2016. NextGEN3DTech is focussed on providing end to end solution to customer's new Product Development requirements using Additive Manufacturing, Vacuum Casting and Post processing activities.

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