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SLA 3D Printing

We have “india’s largest prototyping machine”, This is SLA process (Stereolithography) belongs to additive manufacturing technologies known as vat photopolymerization, commonly known as resin 3D printing. These machines are all built around the same principle, using a light source a laser or projector to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic. The main physical differentiation lies in the arrangement of the core components, such as the light source, the build platform, and the resin tank. SLA 3D printers use light-reactive thermoset materials called “resin.” When SLA resins are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, short molecular chains join together, polymerizing monomers and oligomers into solidified rigid or flexible geometries.

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Service Info

  • SLA 3D Printing

  • Material

    ABS opaque, ABS Transparent
  • Machine Size

    800x800x550mm, 600x600x450mm
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